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Is it time for a major re-think on bovine TB?

This site was established in 2009 following a year-long saga with government officials over the health and safety risks of testing a non commercial herd of cattle using the common tuberculin skin test. In the process of trying to identify an alternative test it became apparent that there were a number of questions on the whole issue of bovine TB that officials were not able to answer - important questions which should give credibility to the existing test and cull policy.

We have researched the subject of bTB in depth and are concerned that the existing TB policy and testing system has major health and safety risks, is not sustainable, is too costly and is creating more problems than the disease it is supposed to be controlling/eradicating. We are concerned that it is now more about achieving political targets and meeting deadlines than safeguarding animal and human health. There are many fundamental questions that we consider are not being considered or properly addressed. The aim of this site is to discuss the existing policy; to identify important questions which need answering; and to highlight areas which have not been properly researched. We have tried to ensure our facts are accurate and have provided references where necessary. However, we welcome feedback and the information will be added to and amended as necessary on a regular basis.

We hope you will participate in the debate. We are looking for information to form more case studies so we can show how those who have to contend with this policy are being affected. We also want case studies that reveal the flaws of the existing tests. You can debate the issues involved, discuss your concerns about this subject or the material presented here or offer information for case studies (confidentiality always respected) by emailing admin @ bovine tb . co . uk (close up gaps) or via the forum

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