Do we need a badger cull to control TB ? Not according to InfluentialPoints. Print this pagePrint this page

An interesting site full of useful, well researched information. InfluentialPoints concludes: 'We are not saying here that vaccination is the silver bullet to eradicate bovine TB - it is not. But, if we want feasible cost-effective control of bovine TB, we need to vaccinate both badgers and cattle now.' 'The proposed reactive (and no doubt very patchy) badger cull makes no sense scientifically, and may well worsen the situation.' 'Given these facts, could it be the UK government has adopted' a dysfunctional disease control policy merely to placate wealthy livestock farmers and avoid spending money?' InfluentialPoints provides information and training in statistics for students and professionals working in: Clinical and Epidemiological Medical Research Livestock Health and Production Agricultural, Fisheries and Environmental Science Ecology, Biodiversity & Wildlife Conservation.

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