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Anthony Kirkham and his son Nicholas Kirkham, of Ridley Farm in Tarporley, have been fined more than £6,000 for breaching TB restrictions relating to the movement of cattle on and off Ridley Farm and Butlands Paddock, based in Spurstow, Cheshire, in breach of tuberculosis restriction notices served by the Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs on June 28, 2009. They appeared before South Cheshire Magistrates Court to face charges brought by Cheshire East Council’s animal health department.

The original bTB restriction notices were served in order to prevent the spread of the disease after a case of TB was confirmed in an animal originating from Ridley Farm.

At the hearing on Friday January 21, Anthony Kirkham admitted 87 offences of moving cattle between January and June 2010, and asked for 102 offences to be taken into consideration. He was fined £5,756 and ordered to pay costs of £4,561.83.

Nicholas Kirkham admitted eight offences and asked for 29 others to be taken into consideration. He was fined £558 and ordered to pay costs of £2,374.

Cheshire East Council is cracking down on livestock owners who breach Tuberculosis (TB) restrictions on the movement of animals. The Council will not tolerate bTB offences. John Nicholson, Strategic Director for Places, said: “Cheshire East will not tolerate public health offences and it’s vitally important that we ensure infectious diseases are not spread – whether by accident or by the thoughtless and reckless actions of a tiny and selfish minority of livestock owners. Recent prosecutions show that Cheshire East takes its responsibility in this area very seriously indeed and we will not tolerate those who break the law. It is important that we all work together to improve community life and enhance the Cheshire East environment.”

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