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The cost of dealing with Shambo, the bullock

 Added by  Sally
 13 Jun 2010, 5:44 PM

'Trevor' has asked, by email: 'Does anyone know how much the Welsh Assembly Government had to pay in legal fees and other costs when they went to court over the bullock called Shambo which tested positive? I seem to remember the owners did not want this animal to be put down and they were happy to confine him to a purpose made building and treat him until he recovered. It went to appeal but the owners lost. I seem to recall the cost was high.'

Sally (Guest)
We asked this question back in 2009 under the Access to Information Act. The response (emailed) dated 16/7/09 said:
Thank you for your correspondence of 25 June 2009 regarding the total cost to DEFRA/WAG, including court fees paid, in respect of dealing with the the bullock from Skandavale, Carmarthenshire ('Shambo') which reacted positively to TB and was slaughtered following the over-ruling of an appeal by the owners.
The information relating to Welsh Assembly Government costs is already in the public domain and was included in a Western Mail news article published on 22 December 2007.
I attach a link to that article which refers to a total cost to the Welsh Assembly Government of 188,751.00 including legal fees and contractor costs.
In the link provided it commented that this sum was equivalent to the annual starting salaries of 9.5 nurses or 9.3 teachers. It went on to say that the true cost of the affair was likely to be far higher, as the WAG figures apparently did not include the costs to other agencies involved, including Animal Health, the Veterinary Laboratories Agency and Defra.
It would seem that it did not include the police costs either as it also stated that Dyfed-Powys Police said they did not yet know the cost of the public order operation, which saw 56 officers deployed to the Skanda Vale Temple in Carmarthenshire on July 26 2008, the day the bullock was due to be removed for slaughter. But at the time, the force estimated the cost at around 10,000.
There seems to be no limit to the amount of money this country is prepared to spend on eradicating bovine TB. Shambo's story is at http://www.skandavale.org/shambo.htm

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