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Channel 4 looking for TB cattle farmers to take part in series

 Added by  FirstTimeFarmers
 27 Jul 2013, 4:01 PM

Hello bTB farmers,
I'm one of the team working on Channel 4's farming series, First Time Farmers. I hope you don't mind my posting in your forum. I have contacted the admin to make sure it's ok before picking your brains.
As a documentary series, we want to keep on top of current issues in the news as we want to give a rounded picture of both the highs and lows of farming, giving a comprehensive view of the agricultural world rather than just one side.
Bovine TB and the badger cull are very prevalent at the moment and it is something that we would like to encompass into the series, either through finding young farmers 18-30 years old, or older farmers 60+, who are dealing with the consequences of having reactors and how that affects business. (I should explain at this point that while the series is called First Time Farmers, we are actually working with farmers of a range of ages, some of whom are established, the series title choice is made by Channel 4 and as the production company, we are aware that it doesnít quite fit!) We donít want to gloss over or ignore the subject of bTB, so it would be great to feature someone who can speak from experience on the matter.
I hope that there may be some of you based in the West of England who are aged 18-30 or 60+ (apologies if you're in between!) who would be happy for us to come to your farm and talk a bit more about the series and your experiences with bovine TB next week with a view to potentially filming with you w/c 5th Aug.
Please drop me a message if you would like more information or are interested in taking part, and thanks in advance for your help.
Best wishes, Sarah

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